Netflix Member Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Netflix Member Login:

Instructions for Logging In:

1. Visit the netflix homepage at: From here you can get to the signup.
2. Next, you should be able to see a button on the right side of the red bar on the top of the page. The button is written in white and says "member sign in." Click on this button.
3. Clicking on this button will make a small white box appear. This is where you will log in to your member account.
4. Since your member account is linked to an email address, you need to enter your email in on top. Your email takes the place of a username.
5. Next, you need to type your password into the section directly under email.
6. Complete your login process by pressing the "continue" button.


Instructions for Resetting your Password:

1. If you have forgotten your password, or want to change it, there is a pretty easy way to get it changed. Just go to the same place as step two above, and click on the button.
2. Here, you can see that there is a blue link sitting on top of the password section that says "forgot password?" Click on this link.
3. The link will bring you to a login help page. There is only one text field on this page. Type your email address that you used to sign up with netflix into this area.
4. Press the button that says "continue" under where you just typed your email.
5. From here, you will be prompted that you will recieve an email at that address that will tell you how to reset your password.
6. Follow the instructions in this email, and you will be on your way to having access to your netflix member account.

Contact Information:

1. Phone number: 1-866-579-7172
2. Support Chat: click on the link on the bottom left-hand side of the page in order to connect to a live chat with netflix support. Clicking on this link will ask if you are a member, but since you don't remember your password anyway, it won't be any good to answer "yes" because you will be asked to sign in first.